PING Color Chart – What is the PING Dot System?

What is the PING dot system? It is a tool that the golf club maker, PING, created in order to help people select the golf clubs that are most appropriate for them. The dot system is also referred to as the PING color chart. The reason it is called a color chart is because it attempts to categorize people by placing them into one of 12 different colors by answering several questions.

So what do all those colors mean? The 12 color codes attempt to determine, as closely as possible, which golf clubs are most appropriate for each individual golfer. This classification applies to golfers of all levels, professionals as well as beginners. It is probably the closest thing to getting golf clubs custom made for you. This goal of this customization is to have each golfer use the right clubs. Using the right clubs should improve the golfer’s game. The more appropriate the golf club is for the golfer, the better his or her swing will be, and this should result in the golfer obtaining a lower score.

Using the appropriate golf club can help to minimize poor swings, such as hooks and slices. The fewer poor swings that a golfer has, the better game they will play, and the more fun they will have.

You can see the PING dot system in action on their website. They have an interactive tool. By answering a few basic questions, which are mostly height related, you can find what color is most appropriate for you from the graph on the PING color chart.


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